Day trip to Busselton and Margaret river

Have you ever heard the most popular attractions in Western Australia? It is called Busselton and Margaret River. Are you going to plan for a day trip in the future? Are you a wine lover? Are you a chocolate lover? If so, this blog will be for you then. I share about my fun time down there with you. Also, i will talk about the best destination between busselton and margaret river. I will also telling you where to get for a lunch break while visiting.

While heading down to Margaret river, the tour operator will definitely drop by Busselton as well which is included in your fare. Busselton Jetty is the only popular attractions in Busselton. It takes about 2 hour and 18 minutes without break to get to the Busselton from Perth City by car or group tours.

Welcome to the TravelQueen travel blog about Busselton Jetty 🙂

Busselton Jetty

About the Jetty

At 1841 metres, the Busselton Jetty offers an unprescedented opportunity to walk almost two kilometers out into Geographe Bay. The Busselton Jetty also has an underwater observatory which was built to take you beneath the waves of Geographe Bay.

This is the train which you can catch to the end

The Jetty is 1.8 kilometers long which is quite a distance to stretch out into the blue waters of Geographe Bay. But you could choose to take train all the way to the end or you can walk if you want to. For me, i was decided to experience both so i did catch the train down and walk when i return to the main entrance.

If you catch the train, you will experience a fun way of making the journey. Children and adults love the sight of the small red train, perfectly sized to take passengers back and forth the length of the pier. A memorable 1.7km trainride with an unbelievable view of Geographe Bay. This is a popular activity for summer season so book your tickets beforehand. The Jetty train ticket is cost $14 per person with return ticket. There is family ticket cost $38 which is worth than single ticket as well as kid ticket cost $8.50 per child.

By the way, there is a cost for entry the Jetty. It is cost $4 per person and it is a day pass. Children under 16 years old are free of charge.

If you choose to walk, this is how it looked like

The Jetty is open from 8:30am to 6pm, and walking the Jetty takes approximately 25 minutes, each way. You can purchase tickets at the Interpretive Centre window at the start of the Jetty.  It is a lovely walk out into Geographe Bay along the Jetty. Local fishermen and women are fishing the jetty all throughout the day, and the fresh ocean air makes the walk all the more enjoyable.

If you are walking down to the end, you will see this beautiful bay and lot of people are fishing around the bay and some people love to swim in the bay which is very interesting.

After you walk till the end of the road, you will see the underwater observatory. Regarding to the photos shown above, it is the sign telling you that you are out of the sea which is pretty cool and you have been walk for 1841km. It is kinda a sea direction of telling you which way to go if you are heading to other side of the city.

It is very freezing down there so please ensure you bring your jacket.

Underwater Observation is a very good experience too. It shows you what is under the sea as well as to explain the different type of the fish. This observatory only accommodate maximum 44 people per tour. Underwater tour is cost $34 per adult and $99 per family pass. If there is an extra children, it would be cost $20 per child. However, it is free ticket for 2 years old and below child.

Underwater Observatory tour starts with a relaxing train ride on the Stocker Preston Express along the length of the Jetty with 360-degree views across the Indian Ocean. One of the friendly tour guides will greet you at the end of the Jetty to guide you through the Underwater Observatory. As you descend 8-metres below the ocean’s surface you will be lead through the natural wonders that lie beneath the Jetty where its piles create Australia’s greatest artificial reef host to an awe-inspiring forest of vividly-coloured tropical and sub-tropical corals, sponges, fish and invertebrates.

Discover more than 300 individual marine species in their natural habitat through eleven viewing windows at various levels within the 9.5 metre diameter observation chamber. 

Let’s talk about Margaret River 🙂

Beautiful Margaret River. Opposite of this river have a restaurant

Where to get some lunch break?

Our lunch

Most of the people will having fish and chips for their lunch down in Margaret river. The best place for lunch in Margeret river region areas is Margaret river restaurants. The following picture which i took at the riverside, it is called Margaret River. Opposite of this river is a restaurant where tourist always having their lunch. I had a wonderful lunch which is bacon with pancake and chicken wings. Their most popular dishes are in the picture shown above as well as the beef burger with chips.

Margaret River

Margaret river is one of the regional state in Western Australia. It is located at the south west of Western Australia. It takes about half an hour drive from Busselton to Margaret river. The most popular destination in Margaret river are the winery, the lighthouse and the chocolate factory.

Margaret River’s coast to the west of the town is a renowned surfing location, with worldwide fame for its surf breaks including, but not limited to, Main Break, The Box, and Rivadog.

The surrounding area is the Margaret River Wine Region and is known for its wine production and tourism, attracting an estimated 500,000 visitors annually. In an earlier days, the area was better known for hardwood timber and agriculture production.

Are you a wine lover? Robert Oatley Winery store is located at the Wilyabrup Margaret river in Western Australia and it is the very best place in the heart of Margaret river as well as they provide their very best quality of Winery in Australia. They do running through their wine production where they give everyone to have a taste of their winery product before making decision to buy them.

These are the 5 best winery for you to have a taste

According to the picture shown above, it is the Robert Oatley Tasting Story. These are the 5 wine they offer for a tasting. I have tried them and i do love the red wine and the dessert wine. They are winemakers which is pretty good and i love them so much. Most of the tourist buy for red wine and dessert wine.

Chocolate Factory in Margaret River

Are you a Chocolate lover? Free Chocolate yay 😉

One of the destination in Margaret River which you shouldn’t miss it is called Margaret River Chocolate Factory. It is about 5 to 10 minutes drive to get there from the winery stores. One thing i love about chocolate factory is FREE CHOCOLATE and it is affordable chocolates. You will experience with different type of chocolate by tasting the free chocolate before you make your decision to buy them.

Margaret river chocolate factory is opening from 9am to 5pm daily. Their chocolate pretty much as same as the chocolate factory in the Swan Valley Perth.

Ice-cream 😉

Whenever i go to the chocolate factory, my first priority is always to taste the free chocolate. After that, i would buy the mint choc ice-cream. Mint choc ice-cream is one of my favourite ice-cream and it is very tasty.

How to get there?

Do you ever thinking of how to get to the Busselton and MARGERET river? Well, this is depend on whether you are tourists or students or locals. This is also depend on whether yohh drive or not and whether you are willing to drive all the way down. Some people may feel tired to drive that long. Most of the people hire a car to drive there as the petrol is much cheaper than with the group tours. In my personal experience, if you are a tourist, it is good to go with the tour operator as they will share the history of the tourism marketplace, the history of the destination, they will taking you to the very best place for a view that you never expected or heard of it. If you are thinking to go with the tour operator, I would recommended you to book with Adam tour company. Adam is a tourism company which is very affordable and they are very friendly and experience in local tourism.

If you are based in Perth Australia such as exchange students, international students and local people, you could catch the south west coach line buses down to Busselton or Margaret River. On the another option, you could catch the Transwa train line to get to the destination. Train is much cheaper that buses and it is quicker to reach your destination. Buses is very costly but it is worth it as you could see the beautiful way while you are traveling down.

Ultimately, I do highly recommended you to visit all of the best destination shared above. You will enjoy it just like I do. You should try one day 😉 #Vacation #Dream

If you have any concern or enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact me or drop down the messages comment below. I will get back to you as soon as i can.

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