The Taste Of Christmas in Sabah Malaysia

How special is this, the Christmas decoration in Sabah Malaysia

Hope the world have enjoy their Christmas Celebration. I’m sharing about how did i spend my Christmas in Sabah Malaysia during the CMCO moment. After Sabah election on last year, the covid outbreak cases increase daily. However, the local government is control very well and they have done a great job. This is the time for us to spend most of our time at home relax due to travel restrictions. It is kind of a life challenge to me.

Anyway, how did i spend my Christmas in Sabah Malaysia? Christmas decoration in Malaysia is very beautiful and i believe that Christmas is not all about party nor gift nor holidays, but it is all about Jesus. Also, it is a day of Jesus born as well as it is Jesus’s birthday. Do you agree?

On 20th December, it is our celebration for winter solstice. Not everyone will celebrate the winter solstice. Only Chinese people are celebrate winter solstice and we always sending our wish to friends and families such as Happy Winter Solstice. How do we celebrate winter solstice? We definately is Rice ball.

What is Rice Ball?

Rice ball 湯圓

According to the picture i took above, it is rice ball. Chinese is called Tang Yuan 湯圓. This is what exactly we eat during the winter solstice each year. We always eat Yam favor. It is more than a culture to celebrate this each year. Some chinese are not willing to eat rice ball, it is because they said if you eat rice ball, you will be old 1 years old. People prefer to stay younger forever, so they avoid eating rice ball. For me, i love to eat rice ball very much, especially is my Taiwan rice ball with tofu hua. That’s really delicious. Sometimes i eat the rice ball mix with red bean in Taiwan.

What did i eat during Winter Solstice and Christmas?

First dish was dry butter prawn dish. It is one of my favourite food in Malaysia. It is very crispy and taste deliciously. I had my dinner at Wong Kwok Chinese Restaurant in Suria Sabah Shopping centre. It’s cost around RM25. It is worth to try it.

Shanghai Style Braised Pork Knuckle Served W Mini Buns

This was my second dish prior to my order. This is one of the best dish what you should try it. This Called Shanghai Style Braised Pork Knuckle Served W Mini Buns. Actually this dishes is one of the Chinese New Year dishes. We eat this once in awhile. It taste very yummy and i love the sauce as well. It is very tasty and the meat is very soft. Love it and elder people would love it as well. Thus dishes come with Mini Buns. The buns is taste very delicious and very crispy. It is good to eat together with the meat. I ate this in Wong Kwok Restaurant as well and it’s cost me RM60. It is not expensive and it is very worth to try it.

BBQ Pork rice noodles

Final dishes is BBQ Pork Rice Noodles. This portion is really big and it is for 2 to 3 people portion, but of course it is not as big as Western portion. Their BBQ Pork Rice noodles is really very delicious and i love fat BBQ Pork meat. Their Rice noodles is very different with Australia one. This is more than Malaysian delight style. It cost around RM13. It is best to try while visiting Malaysia.

Continue the Christmas Decoration Shows

How beautiful is the Christmas decoration in Sabah. I took this beautiful Christmas decoration at Suria Sabah Shopping centre in Sabah Malaysia. It was my First time experience the Christmas that is very empty in the shop. It is very unusual, that nobody come out due to the COVID-19 outbreak panic. So it is very freedom for me to take a nice shot 😁

By the way, please feel free to contact me for any concern you may have.

To conclude, I hope that my travel blog will be impact your life. After read through my blog, you may feel like wow, it made me feel like i want to change my plan to travel now to exploring around the world. It will change your life forever and experience Lot of interesting culture around. Anyway, have a fruitful New Year 2021. God Bless! 😀

Taste of Malaysia Cuisine

There are so many delicious Malaysian food in Kota Kinabalu Sabah that you should try when you visit in the future. I’m highly recommended for you to have a taste these delicious Malaysian cuisine. I will be listed with information in the following.

1) Rice Noodles Fish Soup

Rice Noodles Fish Soup

There are so many type of rice noodles fish soup in Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia. Some of them is Singaporean style and some of them is Malaysian style. It is the best to try Malaysian style in Malaysia. According to the picture above, i tried this Malaysian cuisine, the rice noodles fish soup in the Horizon Hotel Asian Restaurant at Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia. The taste is very delicious, and the taste is more like tomatoes soup which is very healthy. It is cost me around RM15. Some of the restaurant put the coconut milk which would be very milky. This portion is quite big and it is one person meals. I have been trying around the Malaysian cuisine and this is the only one rice noodles fish soup that i do highly recommended for you to have a try in the Horizon Hotel Asian Restaurant.

2) Dimsum

When you intend to travel to Kota Kinabalu Malaysia in the future, the best restaurant to have dimsum are Horizon Hotel Asian Restaurant, Wong Kwok Restaurant and the E-west restaurant. Both of their food is very delicious. I love the yam bun from the E-west restaurant and it’s cost around RM5.50 which is pretty cheap. The horizon hotel Asian Restaurant and Wong Kwok Restaurant dimsum are more crispy which i love it very much.

3) Black Bean Sauce Pork Ribs Noodle

I would highly recommended you to have a try this delicious breakies in Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia. They only have this breakies meal which will be come with a cup of coffee or tea. I had this breakies from the E-west restaurant as well. This breakfast cost is RM11, but if you requested a fried one like me shown in the picture woukd be RM13. The cheapest breakfast is RM10 which is also come with a cup of coffee or tea. They have breakfast such as BBQ Pork dry noodles, Sa Bo noodles, Yellow wine chicken noodles, Western breakies and many others delicious foodies.

4) Pork Ribs and Cream Butter Prawn Dish

This is the main dishes you have to try when you visit Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia. I had this foodies from the Wong Kwok Restaurant. It is located in the Suria Sabah Shopping Centre Ground level. They have a lot of dishes such as fried chicken, fried rice noodles, fried rice, Japanese tofu, Honey Chicken, Cream Butter Chicken, German Pork leg, Claypot Tofu and many other tasty food. I had try lot of different dishes and all of them are very yummy. I love to eat their Pork Ribs dishes and the Cream Butter Prawn dishes. The pork ribs dish is taste very crispy which i love it and the cream butter prawn is really creamy. Both of the dishes are very delicious and it is worth to have a try. The dishes cost around RM25 each dish but depend on which dish you order.

To conclude, make sure you try them when you visit in the future. It is taste very delicious. You will love it just like i do. Stay tune on my food tourism blog 🙂

Best foodies and desserts in Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Dragon-i Restaurant

Braise Pork hand made noodles

Dragon-i Restaurant is a very good Chinese restaurant in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia. It is located in the Imago shopping centre. This restaurant is where people will find a Memorable Culinary Experience Awaits in Malaysia. Their famous food are included braise pork hand made noodles, dumpling, Chilled Drunken Chicken with “Hua Diao” Rice Wine, Double-boiled Chicken Soup, La Mian with Shanghainese Deep-fried Pork Ribs and many other dishes.

Wong Kwok Restaurant

Wong Kwok is the best restaurant for Dimsum in Kota kinabalu Malaysia. They have 2 branch. One is Luyang and another one is in Suria Sabah Shopping Centre. It is located on the Ground level in the Suria Sabah Shopping Centre and it is just right opposite to the Upperstar restaurant. Apart from Dimsum, they do sell the individual meal as well. Their fried rice and the braise port are very good taste and it is good to have a try when you travel to Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Crowd 99 Cafe

Crowd 99 is very famous in ice-cream. Malaysia is a very hot and humid country where people are always looking for a frozen food such as ice cream, ice blended and many other. Using only dairy-free and fresh fruits for their sorbets! However, they do have seen coffee as well. Their coffee are very nice and it is worth to have a try.

I would recommend for the matcha ice cream, fresh milky ice cream and the coffees 🙂

Fatt Kee Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is very famous in seafood. It is also located in the Suria Sabah Shopping centre in Kota Kinabalu. It is just in the food court.

When you come to Sabah, you must eat three kinds of pork, beef, and fish. Among them, pork is tasted at Jinshayuan raw meat noodles. Fish Tart Kee Seafood Restaurant Fish with rice noodles, pork and beef, we should all have heard of or eaten, but the fish and fish are very rare, the fish head even covered laksa, meat and bak kut teh, must eat Sabah Gourmet layout, especially Fatt Kee fish rice noodles are so popular with local people, you will know after eating!

Fatt Kee Seafood Restaurant is located in Luyang as well, the Chinese base camp in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It is relatively close to Sabah Kota Kinabalu Airport, but it is a bit far from the city of Kota Kinabalu. Because of the itinerary, we are from the Hilton hotel called the local Grab (similar to Uber) pick-up. The fare will be more than half cheaper than calling a taxi. The driver who happened to pick up the bus lives near Luyang. It is a Hakka in Guangdong. It is a 10-minute drive along the road In light of Sabah’s humanistic style, it is even more mentioned that Faji Fish and Fish is a restaurant that even the local people like very much.

Although Fatt Kee Fish Shop is open until 10pm, the hot items are sold out at noon. At noon on a sunny day, the whole shop is full of enthusiasm, and the outdoor steps have iron plates and shelters. The battle looks like a full-flowing water table. Although there is no air conditioning and it is hot, it is still difficult to find the fish and fish. The customers are willing to sweat and eat, it is because it is worth to have a try their seafood as people can’t get this taste from their country.

It seems to be consumed by locals. Of course, there are several tables like tourists who carry their luggage to eat. In addition, the fish and rice noodles have also been eaten by celebrities and businessmen across the Taiwan Strait, and there are many in Taiwan. Well-known food shows come here, both food enthusiasts and lovers James have reported.

In the center of the store is a spacious open kitchen with a large number of employees and very efficient staff. With clean hands and feet busy, they bring out a bowl of bowls of scented fish and rice noodles. There are various parts of fish and fish by the window. Some nouns I don’t even know.

In the simple terms, FaTT Kee fish dishes only sell fish dishes. The most famous fish dishes are rice noodles and noodles. The soup has two soup bases: tomato and Tom Yam Palace. If it is the first time, the waiter will Skip the selection part directly, that is, fish miscellaneous in each part will be served, so when ordering, just tell the waiter whether the noodles are noodles, the soup is still dry, and the soup base can be selected.

The back of the menu is mainly used by locals to order meals. You can choose the fish species and fish parts separately, especially the fish head rice noodles are ordered by customers of level. For first time visitors, I will and always recommend the classic fish rice noodles You can also order some fried snacks

Fish and Rice Noodle + Tomato Soup Base (Small) RM23 (about NT $ 170)
You can choose the size of the tomato soup base. The tomato fish rice noodles are not only full of color and aroma, but also sour and sweet. It is a bowl of rice noodles with all colors and flavors.

In addition to Huang Chengcheng’s natural soup color, in addition to cooking with a lot of fish bones, boldly adding fresh tomato cubes, there is a sweet and sour finish after the entrance, and the fragrant fragrant is so refreshing and elegant. With light rice noodles, it has a kind of lightness, even in the hot climate of Sabah

In addition to the miscellaneous fish in the soup, there are a few thick pieces of fried fish. It is strange that the fried fish is soaked in the soup. The skin will not soften when it bites. Instead, the fish sucks the soup, but the characteristics of the fish are compared Like eating swordfish, the fiber is more astringent. Many unintelligible fish miscellaneous, some are crunchy, some are tender, some are smooth and filled with gelatine, which is really a good bowl of beauty.

Fried Mangosteen RM5.5 (about NT $ 40)
When ordering snacks, it was a bit embarrassing. Just looking at the name of the fried fupi, the name would be fried tofu buns, etc. I did not expect to wrap the fukin with fish paste and fry it. Looking at the wrinkled rotten skin Fold, you know it must be crispy. After being seasoned, the fish paste tastes salty, and the rotten skin is crispy and crunchy. When it is bitten, it will become crunchy, but the fish paste has strong teeth. At that time, I was thinking about it. If the chicken stalls are sold, the business is definitely good!

Fish and rice noodles + Tom Yam soup base (large) RM45 (about NT $ 330)
The Tom Yam soup base has no size. It only has the price of shrimp and no shrimp. It is recommended that you order the Tom Yam soup with shrimp, because the authentic Tom Yam soup lacks shrimp and shrimp heads.

“Tom Yan” is actually the meaning of Dongyanggong, which is what we call Thai hot and sour shrimp soup. Although the appearance of the soup looks like Thai flavoring, the taste is very different. Kota Kinabalu The miscellaneous Tom Yam soup does not have the prominent smell of lemongrass, but the sour and spicy taste is obvious. The focus is to cook the soup with a lot of fish miscellaneous, fish meat and fish bones. Such a thick soup base is best suited with oil noodles. Instead, it cannot be supported by smooth rice noodles and looks thin. After the oil noodles are soaked, it feels soft and soft, and with crispy bean sprouts, it slightly neutralizes the greasy taste of hot and spicy soup.

The bowl of noodles is quite solid, not only soup thick noodles, fish and fish and shrimp, there are always ten kinds of ingredients, the stomach is not big enough to eat this bowl of Tom Yam fish noodles, although the price of a bowl of NT $ 300, this Low price Sabah can be considered an expensive meal, but I still think it is very very worth it!

Apple Juice RM7 (about NT $ 50)
Fat Kee’s juices are fresh and fresh. In addition to apple juice, there is orange juice. Fruits in tropical countries are really sweet. A glass of freshly squeezed juice costs only 50 yuan.